You may have noticed that Ultimate Natural Beauty has been recently granted an award by the Canadian Beauty Hub ranking us among the best skin care clinic in Vancouver, BC. Our skin care clinic has been rated on their prestigious list as #10 in greater Vancouver and #14 in British Columbia for the most popular beauty and wellness service in Greater Vancouver.

We don’t take this honor lightly and We want to express our gratitude to our staff as highly knowledgeable professionals, our state of art treatments tailored to the individual, our high quality line of products, and most importantly our wonderful clients.

First off, our lead aestheticians comprised of highly skilled practitioners who have years of medical experience. We have the utmost confidence in our staff finding the right treatment for your skin.

Ultimate Treatments!

Speaking of treatments, we have the latest and greatest in aesthetic technology in North America like SopranoIce Platinum™, Accent Prime™, OxyGgeneo™ 3-in-1, and Microplasma PixelRF™.

We also pride ourselves on using traditional techniques like Chinese medicine to give the best acupuncture treatment to our clients. Our quality of service is second to none and we are proud to be a family-oriented business that puts people ahead of profit. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards and we make sure that this is reflected in our employees and  the way that we conduct our business. When you come here, you aren’t just another person, you are a family member. Please don’t take our word for it though, but take a browse through the numerous 5* reviews that our patrons have placed on google and other review sites, and Yyou’ll see that they are all extremely satisfied with the level of service that we provide. This all leads to our ultimate goal of being the best skin care clinic in Vancouver and B.C. We are close to achieving this goal and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way.

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