Bordered by the mountains, Ultimate Natural Beauty provides the perfect backdrop to the type of care that you expect to find from such an upscale establishment. From the moment that you walk into the waiting room, you feel at home and at peace.

You gaze to your right and notice a cozy lounge, looking terribly inviting to sit in, or perhaps the overflowing cabinet full of La Colline & EltraDerm products catches your eye. You sit down and notice the bright twinkling of the pearlescent pink of a small mountain rising from the table. It’s a Hymalyan salt lamp and its calming energy washes over you like a wave and envelopes you. Washing away any worries that you might have. However, there aren’t any because through the very informative consultation process, you know exactly the treatment that you are receiving and you know that you are going to be in the best possible hands.

The receptionist calls your name and the doctor walks in smiling and guides you to one of three treatment rooms. If you are getting just minor treatment let’s say for your acne, then you will be led to the Oxygeno room. If you are itching to shed your hair for the summer and get that body ready for the beach, then the Soprano Ice Platinum room is waiting for you. Finally, the last room provides the main course for your body contouring and that’s the Accent Prime room. In this very special room you will be greeted by the Rolls Royce of machines that would make even Optimus Prime green with envy.

With a gentle turn of the key the Accent Prime engine roars to life, a supercar encapsulated in plastic, it purrs while the doctor selects the various options that go into sculpting and contouring your body.

All these non-invasive procedures are performed by an incredibly qualified staff of both doctors and certified aestheticians who are there to ensure that you get the right treatment for your skin and body.

What exactly does non-invasive mean? Well, it means that all of our procedures can be done without surgery or general anesthesia. This cuts down on recovery time and virtually ensures that you get back out there doing what you love and looking all the better in the process.

However, this cannot be accomplished without some heavy lifting that’s done by utilizing the latest and greatest body contouring machines. By having access to this kind of technology, they ensure an incredibly high success rate of getting you looking exactly the way you want.

Ultimate Natural Beauty wants you to leave their Medical spa & Skincare clinic feeling good about yourself and ready to show off that fabulous figure that has been revealed by our contouring and flab-blasting methods. But don’t take my word for it, see what some of our patients have been saying about our body sculpting techniques.

Marco M

“Ultimate Natural Beauty clinic has very knowledgeable staff. They use top-of-the-line equipment and products and provide100 percent effective results with excellent customer service. I am very happy with my laser hair removal treatment sessions and highly recommend this clinic to everyone.”

Alexandra Unnly

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