We have found the Fountain of Youth, yes, the very same mythical oasis that makes you younger. It is here at Ultimate Natural Beauty, the best skin care clinic in Vancouver. Have you wanted to restore your skins youthful and healthy glow? How about turning back the hands of time and looking like you’re in your twenties again? Introducing OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial, the oxygen facial treatment that will remove years from your skin through the process of exfoliating, infusing, and oxygenating. By first exfoliating the skin, we are removing the dead skin cells and cleansing it of impurities. This allows us to then infuse the skin with nutrients which improves both the quality and condition of your skin. Finally, we add CO2 bubbles to the skin’s surface, which increases blood flow and allows the nutrients to be absorbed by the skin. This step is crucial for getting that gorgeous shine and youthful glow and it might take only one session for our wonderful clients to achieve the look that they want for their skin. It can’t be stressed enough that all of these steps will be performed by our incredibly talented and skilled medical professionals who take your skin health seriously. This treatment is one of our most popular and never fails to highlight the natural beauty of our clients. Sometimes all it takes is one facial to leave you feeling great and we at Ultimate Natural Beauty, the number one skin care clinic in Vancouver, aim to provide that. The fountain of youth can be found in every one of our machines and in our incredible staff of experts. They will be the ones to guide you to the mythical oasis of better skin care and ensure that you will look and feel like a new you.

See you soon!

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