One of the most beneficial treatments that are available at Ultimate Natural Beauty is Aacupuncture &
Cupping therapy. Our award-winning procedures are performed by the best registered acupuncturist
teams and are located in the best skin care clinic in Vancouver.

Acupuncture comes to us from Ancient China and is one of the traditional arts of medicine that is practiced at our medical spa. One of the ways that acupuncture is helping our patients is by realigning their QI and allowing the body's natural energy
to flow freely. By skillfully penetrating the topical portion of the skin, our acupuncturists can fix many ailments that our patients suffer from like pain, stress, digestive problems, and even decreased energy levels. By applying acupressure or Tui Na massage to the body’s over 2,000 electrical pathways, we can improve the general quality of our client ' health and ensure that they leave feeling refreshed and

Acupuncture is similar to cupping therapy, but they in fact use two different methods to
achieve the same goal of realigning the patients QI. Cupping therapy is performed by the best team in
our clinicclinic, and they skillfully heat cups and place them on the patient's skin, most often on their
back. This increasing blood circulation in these areas and allows the body to begin its cellular repair.
Through this method we may also regenerate new connective tissues in the body and new blood cells as
well. By utilizing both methods in the best skin care clinic in Vancouver, we ensure that our patients have the best care and leave happy. Looking forward to seeing you at our spa.

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