Best Skin Resurfacing Treatment without Scarring or Needles

Skin resurfacing reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. The technology helps to tighten sagging skin as well. The use of this cosmetic treatment is not only an effective way to have younger and fresher looking skin, but it is possible to get these benefits without needles. Anyone that wants an effective and needle-free method of rejuvenating their skin needs to know more about the best skin resurfacing treatment known as Micro Plasma technology.


PixelRF offers a thermal alternative for those seeking skin resurfacing in Vancouver. The treatment uses energy to target and remove layers of damaged tissue beneath the surface. The healing process of the surrounding healthy skin activates for a faster than normal recovery. Collagen production increases due to the mild injury to the area, so the fresh layer of skin is softer and firmer.

Micro plasma technology is the best resurfacing treatment for anyone that wants a safe option with a quick recovery. The treatments take about one hour to prepare the skin and about 30 minutes for the procedure. After the skin resurfacing, the skin has the feeling of a mild sunburn for a few hours. Four sessions in total are the recommended amount for the ultimate improvement, with a session taking place about once a month.

Anyone seeking skin resurfacing in Vancouver should consider PixelRF. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, micro plasma technology does not require the client to make changes to their skincare regimen or lifestyle before treatment. People that undergo the treatment can immediately return to their regular daily lifestyle without any changes or precautions. The process is also safe for people with dark skin that worry about the risk of scarring with other resurfacing options. The ease and effectiveness of micro plasma technology makes it the best skin resurfacing treatment available today.

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