Experience the Fountain of Youth with OxyGeneo

We have found the Fountain of Youth, yes, the very same mythical oasis that makes you younger. It is here at Ultimate Natural Beauty, the best skin care clinic in Vancouver. Have you wanted to restore your skins youthful and healthy glow? How about turning back the hands of time and looking like you’re in your twenties again? Introducing OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial, the oxygen facial treatment that will remove years from your skin through the process of exfoliating, infusing, and oxygenating. By first exfoliating the skin, we are removing the dead skin cells and cleansing it of impurities. This allows us to then infuse the skin with nutrients which improves both the quality and condition of your skin. Finally, we add CO2 bubbles to the skin’s surface, which increases blood flow and allows the nutrients to be absorbed by the skin. This step is crucial for getting that gorgeous shine and youthful glow and it might take only one session for our wonderful clients to achieve the look that they want for their skin. It can’t be stressed enough that all of these steps will be performed by our incredibly talented and skilled medical professionals who take your skin health seriously. This treatment is one of our most popular and never fails to highlight the natural beauty of our clients. Sometimes all it takes is one facial to leave you feeling great and we at Ultimate Natural Beauty, the number one skin care clinic in Vancouver, aim to provide that. The fountain of youth can be found in every one of our machines and in our incredible staff of experts. They will be the ones to guide you to the mythical oasis of better skin care and ensure that you will look and feel like a new you.


See you soon!

Say Goodbye to Cellulite and Hello to the Body of your Dreams

Is cellulite on your legs and derriere causing you unnecessary grief? Do you want to get back that High School body that you’ve been dreaming about forever? Well, say no more, because at Ultimate Natural Beauty, the best medical skin care clinic in Vancouver, we are here to make your dreams come true. Introducing the Accent Prime Body Contouring System by Alma, the revolutionary new method of getting rid of cellulite. Our staff of highly trained professionals will ensure that only the problematic areas will be treated and won’t harm any other spots on your body. By guiding our clients through this process, we ensure a safe and virtually painless experience that will leave them feeling happy, and ready to resume their activities. How does this treatment work? Well, the Accent Prime System targets the fat cells at the source by heating, cooling, and then liquefying them using a combination of ultrasonic and radio frequency (RF) technology. Once the fat cells are disrupted, they are then drained through the body’s natural lymphatic system thereby completing the process of extraction. By choosing this procedure, our clients will have a fabulously contoured body done purely through a non-invasive and worry-free system. The best part of all this is that there is virtually no downtime, so our clients can get back to the activities that they love the very same day. This is currently the number one cellulite treatment on the market and you will not be disappointed by trying this all-natural solution to a very common problem. Our staff will give you a free consultation and set you on the right path to a whole new you.

You don’t have to live with cellulite and hide that gorgeous body of yours, but come on down to Ultimate Natural Beauty where you aren’t just another face, you are family. See you soon!

Get that Body Beach Ready with our Ultimate Laser Treatment

Best skincare in Vancouver

We are still in the midst of a blazing hot summer and that means that you still have a chance to show off that body that you’ve been working towards all year. Whether you’ve been hitting the gym hard, or just wanting to look your best on the beach, now’s the time to let that body breathe. However, those unsightly hairs can ruin what would otherwise be an impressive physique, so come on down to Ultimate Natural Beauty where we will make those washboard abs and well-toned legs gleam.

Here at the number one medical clinic in North Vancouver, we have some of the best state-of-the-art technology available and one of those machines is the Soprano ICE Platinum. This machine is the Rolls Royce of laser hair removal and utilizes multiple laser wavelengths to ensure optimal coverage for all skin types. When we say all skin types, we really mean all types and this non-invasive treatment works wonders on both light and dark hairs. This best body laser treatment can be utilized all year round and has virtually no downtime, so you can be back at the gym or at the beach the very same day.

We know that it’s hot outside, but our machine is cool, so cool that it’s in fact ICE and it’s this fascinating technology that will help keep you cool during your treatment. While it might feel like a million degrees outside, you are going to be cool as ice, thanks to the sapphire-tipped laser that cools your skin while simultaneously heating it to get rid of those unflattering hairs. If this sounds like something that you’d like to experience, then come on down to Ultimate Natural Beauty where our staff of highly trained professionals will have you looking and feeling your best. See you soon! 

Ultimate Experience by Alexandra

Bordered by the mountains, Ultimate Natural Beauty provides the perfect backdrop to the type of care that you expect to find from such an upscale establishment. From the moment that you walk into the waiting room, you feel at home and at peace.

You gaze to your right and notice a cozy lounge, looking terribly inviting to sit in, or perhaps the overflowing cabinet full of La Colline & EltraDerm products catches your eye. You sit down and notice the bright twinkling of the pearlescent pink of a small mountain rising from the table. It’s a Hymalyan salt lamp and its calming energy washes over you like a wave and envelopes you. Washing away any worries that you might have. However, there aren’t any because through the very informative consultation process, you know exactly the treatment that you are receiving and you know that you are going to be in the best possible hands. 

The receptionist calls your name and the doctor walks in smiling and guides you to one of three treatment rooms. If you are getting just minor treatment let’s say for your acne, then you will be led to the Oxygeno room. If you are itching to shed your hair for the summer and get that body ready for the beach, then the Soprano Ice Platinum room is waiting for you. Finally, the last room provides the main course for your body contouring and that’s the Accent Prime room. In this very special room you will be greeted by the Rolls Royce of machines that would make even Optimus Prime green with envy.

With a gentle turn of the key the Accent Prime engine roars to life, a supercar encapsulated in plastic, it purrs while the doctor selects the various options that go into sculpting and contouring your body.

All these non-invasive procedures are performed by an incredibly qualified staff of both doctors and certified aestheticians who are there to ensure that you get the right treatment for your skin and body.

What exactly does non-invasive mean? Well, it means that all of our procedures can be done without surgery or general anesthesia. This cuts down on recovery time and virtually ensures that you get back out there doing what you love and looking all the better in the process.

However, this cannot be accomplished without some heavy lifting that’s done by utilizing the latest and greatest body contouring machines. By having access to this kind of technology, they ensure an incredibly high success rate of getting you looking exactly the way you want.

Ultimate Natural Beauty wants you to leave their Medical spa & Skincare clinic feeling good about yourself and ready to show off that fabulous figure that has been revealed by our contouring and flab-blasting methods. But don’t take my word for it, see what some of our patients have been saying about our body sculpting techniques.

Marco M

“Ultimate Natural Beauty clinic has very knowledgeable staff. They use top-of-the-line equipment and products and provide100 percent effective results with excellent customer service. I am very happy with my laser hair removal treatment sessions and highly recommend this clinic to everyone.”


Alexandra Unnly

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Have you ever wanted a luscious full head of hair, but you weren’t sure if it was a safe procedure? Well, you can put your fears to rest because here at Ultimate Natural Beauty, the #1 medical spa, we are here to make sure you look your best. We would like to introduce to you our newest service, the Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Using the revolutionary new method of pigmenting or inking, our skilled aesthetician  will essentially draw on your scalp with fine needles to give you the appearance of having a beautiful head of hair. This service is less costly than surgical procedures and can give almost identical results.

This means that even those skittish folks who don’t want to have surgeries can go through with this non-invasive method and have almost no downtime in recovering. Let’s take a moment to address some of the most frequent questions that patients have about this procedure. It can give the appearance that you have thicker hair as the results will be near instant. For men, get back that hairline that you’ve been missing since high school. For women, thinning hair is a noticeable obstacle, and we are proud to say that our team of experts can restore your hair to its former glory. Experiencing hair loss can lead to a lack of self-confidence and we don’t want to see that. Here at the best skin care clinic in Vancouver, we want to have you looking and feeling your best. Come on down and give our Scalp Micropigmentation a try, we are certain that you will have a hairy good time.

Acupuncture and Cupping therapy

One of the most beneficial treatments that are available at Ultimate Natural Beauty is Aacupuncture & 
Cupping therapy. Our award-winning procedures are performed by the best registered acupuncturist
teams and are located in the best skin care clinic in Vancouver.

Acupuncture comes to us from Ancient China and is one of the traditional arts of medicine that is practiced at our medical spa. One of the ways that acupuncture is helping our patients is by realigning their QI and allowing the body's natural energy
to flow freely. By skillfully penetrating the topical portion of the skin, our acupuncturists can fix many ailments that our patients suffer from like pain, stress, digestive problems, and even decreased energy levels. By applying acupressure or Tui Na massage to the body’s over 2,000 electrical pathways, we can improve the general quality of our client ' health and ensure that they leave feeling refreshed and

Acupuncture is similar to cupping therapy, but they in fact use two different methods to
achieve the same goal of realigning the patients QI. Cupping therapy is performed by the best team in
our clinicclinic, and they skillfully heat cups and place them on the patient's skin, most often on their
back. This increasing blood circulation in these areas and allows the body to begin its cellular repair.
Through this method we may also regenerate new connective tissues in the body and new blood cells as
well. By utilizing both methods in the best skin care clinic in Vancouver, we ensure that our patients have the best care and leave happy. Looking forward to seeing you at our spa.

How does skin tightening with Ultimate Natural Beauty Work?

Fat Reduction Treatments Using Non-Invasive Body Contouring!


Want to get that million-dollar body, but without the hefty price tag that comes with expensive plastic
surgeries? Well, Ultimate Natural Beauty has you covered with their best body contouring and skin
tightening treatments that are currently available on the market.

Introducing the number #1 fat-reduction treatment featuring ultrasound technology that’s provided by the Accent Prime™ System and Alma™ Lasers workstation. This technology is patented and one of the best available to be used in
medical spas. It focuses heavily on ultrasonic and radio frequency waves to destabilize the fat cells,
while giving our patient’s a body contouring and skin tightening experience that they will never forget.

This combination of UV and RF waves are used to liquefy the fat cells and then allow the body’s natural
systems to remove the excess fat. This treatment can be used on several places on the
body, but the most popular are the abdomen, thighs, love handles, arms and submental
area which women tend to agree. By having this treatment be virtually painless, our clients can book
numerous visits and have them completed in comfort.

In fact, this procedure will inspire even the weariest patient because absolutely no invasive methods are used to transform the body. This allows for patients to have the best skin care procedures available to them at all times in the best skin care clinic
around. It allows for non-invasive treatments, which permits a faster recovery time and more time to do
the things they love. By having these fat reduction treatments done, our clients patients will gain self-
confidence and will have the body of their dreams waiting for them at the end. Don’t wait, but hurry
down to the best medical spa in North Vancouver and see for yourself how to turn your dreams into

Best Skin Care Clinic & Medical Spa in Vancouver (UNBSC)

Ultimate Natural Beauty!

You may have noticed that Ultimate Natural Beauty has been recently granted an award by the Canadian Beauty Hub ranking us among the best skin care clinic in Vancouver, BC. Our skin care clinic has been rated on their prestigious list as #10 in greater Vancouver and #14 in British Columbia for the most popular beauty and wellness service in Greater Vancouver.

We don’t take this honor lightly and We want to express our gratitude to our staff as highly knowledgeable professionals, our state of art treatments tailored to the individual, our high quality line of products, and most importantly our wonderful clients. 

First off, our lead aestheticians comprised of highly skilled practitioners who have years of medical experience. We have the utmost confidence in our staff finding the right treatment for your skin.

Ultimate Treatments!

Speaking of treatments, we have the latest and greatest in aesthetic technology in North America like SopranoIce Platinum™, Accent Prime™, OxyGgeneo™ 3-in-1, and Microplasma PixelRF™

We also pride ourselves on using traditional techniques like Chinese medicine to give the best acupuncture treatment to our clients. Our quality of service is second to none and we are proud to be a family-oriented business that puts people ahead of profit. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards and we make sure that this is reflected in our employees and  the way that we conduct our business. When you come here, you aren’t just another person, you are a family member. Please don’t take our word for it though, but take a browse through the numerous 5* reviews that our patrons have placed on google and other review sites, and Yyou’ll see that they are all extremely satisfied with the level of service that we provide. This all leads to our ultimate goal of being the best skin care clinic in Vancouver and B.C. We are close to achieving this goal and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way.

Don’t Let Your Saggy Skin Let You Down!

Don’t Let Your Saggy Skin Let You Down!

Sagging or loose skin? It’s one of the most tell-tale signs of ageing! Other factors such as sun damage and exposure to airborne toxins can also cause collagen and elastin, the two proteins that keep your skin smooth, tight, and wrinkle-free, to break down over time. Radio frequency (RF) skin tightening treatment, done by professionals, helps you to get rid of that double chin, smooth out those unsightly fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone.

Why Choose Skin Tightening?

Getting skin tightening from a leading skin care clinic in Vancouver works to tighten and tone loose skin and even out wrinkles on your face, underarms, and more. It also targets drooping skin under the chin, jawlines, and more.

How Does It Work?

RF skin tightening from the best skin care clinic in Vancouver uses radio frequency technology to heat the collagen underneath your skin, which causes your skin to look sagged. This technique helps your skin to regain its former elasticity and look.

The Accent Prime system uses the latest innovations in ultrasound (US) and radio frequency (RF) technologies to leave you with natural, long-lasting results. This technique not only fixes the current flaws and wrinkles but also prevents future ageing problems. Unlike other skin tightening and skin resurfacing in Vancouver, this treatment option is safe, virtually painless and suits all skin types and tones. It provides immediate results with no downtime.

The Bottom Line

Skin tightening is one of the body treatment procedures that help you achieve your comprehensive body shaping goals. It firms up and evens out your loose skin using advanced radio frequency technology. We help you develop a customized skin tightening treatment plan based on your individual needs and requirements. Contact us now for a superior skin tightening experience.

Body Contouring Procedures

Get Rid of Those Stubborn Fat Cells with Non-invasive Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring for fat reduction and cellulite treatment in Vancouver has skyrocketed in popularity over the past years. During this procedure, there are no incisions made in your body that typically lead to scarring. This technique allows fat cells to be targeted and broken down without your doctor or any instruments physically entering your body. Once the fat is broken down, your lymphatic system gets rid of it.

The Accent Prime System

When it comes to non-surgical body contouring, there are various patented technologies that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Accent Prime System is the most popular technique used for fat reduction in Vancouver, and this approach works on a mesh of collagen fibres, mobilizing them into action so that skin regains its elasticity and form. It’s a great solution for dealing with fatty tissue and willowy skin on the inside of the thighs and the knees. Combining ultrasound and radio wave technologies, it acts quickly and effectively even in these highly challenging areas, stimulating collagen fibres to achieve a slim and lifted effect. The same process is used for cellulite treatment in Vancouver, and the experts guarantee that you are able to achieve the desired results within two to three appointments.

Benefits of Non-invasive Body Contouring

Non-invasive body contouring offers numerous benefits, and some of them are listed below:

  • Less recovery time, and you can resume your normal activities without any downtime.
  • General anesthesia is not used, and there is no chance of infection as with traditional procedures.
  • Perfect for all types of skin types
  • Pain-free
  • No or mild side effects

This procedure is ideal for people who have stubborn fat found around their abdominal regions, thighs, and love handles. It also works on reducing double chins, stretch marks, and more.

Do you want to know more about our fat reduction treatment? Talk to the experts from our medical spa in Vancouver.